How much does it cost?

Our sessions start as low as $28, with the average session costing $42, depending on frequency and duration of the selected Go for Growth package.

What is the time commitment?

According to the research, a student can make 1-2 years worth of academic gains in 40-60 hours using the software partnership we have at Go for Growth. In one week, our students typically work through 3-5 sessions at 30 minutes each, with the option of an additional 45-minute weekly session with your child's learning specialist.

The 30-minute sessions are extremely flexible and can be completed from any device. Some of our successful Go for Growth families even have their children attend sessions from the car on their way to school in the morning!

We have personal learning paths ranging from 2 months to 12 months long. Some families love the progress made in one year and continue on to keep on growing!

How can I enroll my child?

  1. Call or email Go for Growth LLC (607-221-5348 or

  2. Your child takes an initial progress indicator (15-25 minutes long, computer based)

  3. We will set up a intake conversation (by Zoom or phone) to discuss your child's personal learning path and discuss session frequency and plan duration.

  4. Your child is good to go! They can begin daily logins and weekly live sessions with their learning specialist.