What is Go for Growth?

A rigorous and individually-tailored tutoring service. Students enrolled in Go for Growth will use the evidence-based, adaptive reading and language program called Fast ForWord. Your child's learning specialist will develop specific interventions based on their individual path by tracking progress made within this game-like software. Your child will feel love and support while having fun and making clear academic growth!

How does it work?

The answer is found in over thirty years of brain science developed by Carnegie Learning (owners of the Fast ForWord software). The intensity, frequency of practice, and adaptive, real-time feedback of the rigorous brain-based program, tied with interventions and support from your child's Go for Growth Learning Specialist, builds confidence and lasting neurological impacts to aid in the development of a stronger listener, reader, and overall learner.

Click the video to learn more about "The Brain-Based Difference" with Fast ForWord software.